Building stable equipment and luxury stable trunks is not just a pastime, its a love. Every trunk, saddle stand, Valet, Wall-box and custom item built in our shop is hand made down to the last screw. Each item is stained and then varnished 4 times with a marine laquer to create the lusterious shine. 

Items in each collection can be purchased from our premade stock or built to order.  We  design trunks to meet the needs of your equestrian adventures or lifestyle. 

We build with quality birch, oak, walnut, and mahogany wood. Using only quality hardware in brass or chrome finishes. Add edging, and corners in both brass and chrome finishes will make your stable equipment unique to your style and stables set up both at home and on the road. 

Clients can also purchase a stock designed peice then choose the stain and hardware. Please contact us with any questions or interest in creating your next item for the stable or show set up. 

We look forward to serving the Equestrian community with quality peices built with professional craftsmanship. All items come with a year warrenty.